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He appears in records as Robert de Swalclyve and Robert de Wykeham, reflecting his ownership of Swakeleys and Wickham Park in Oxfordshire.In 1347, he owed £40 to a money lender, Roger Rikeman, which he was unable to pay, and so his land in Ickenham was passed by Rikeman in 1350 to John de Charlton.However, Sir Thomas Bourchier was subsequently granted the manor of Swakeleys and Covelhall (Cowley).Upon Sir Thomas' death in 1510, the manor passed to Sir John Peeche as his executor.UXBRIDGE – The Conservation Commission voted unanimously Monday to ask the state Environmental Strike Force to help enforce sanctions against a landowner whom the commission claims has been illegally storing and transferring waste from portable toilets and septic tanks, along with other debris, in a flood zone and riverfront area near the Blackstone River and Bacon Brook.

These manors were eventually merged to form the main manors of Ickenham and Swakeleys.The Domesday Book describes the land as being predominantly flat and composed of London clay with the exception of alluvium along the banks of the River Pinn.Of the few archaeological surveys of Ickenham carried out, one in 1994 by the Museum of London found a system of Roman fields, dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries along with pottery fragments.Under the Hilliards, Milton Farm was sold to become part of the Swakeleys estate in 1816, and Hill Farm become Northolt Aerodrome in 1916.Swakeleys manor, subordinate to Ickenham, was named after Robert Swalcliffe, who owned the manor with his wife Joan in the 14th century.

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