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All of these utilities will permanently wipe your hard drive clean with military grade “scrubbing” which simply means the software writes over your hard disk so many times it becomes unreadable with today’s technology.

No matter what you choose, if you invest money in the software/hardware please ensure it wipes external hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards, SSD, HDD, SDHD, SDXD, i Pods, MAC, etc. If you don’ t mind paying a little cash I feel the commercial options are clearly the way to go.

In this review of DBAN I mention that it’s not the most user friendly product, but if you give it a couple stabs more often than not you’ll succeed. Commercial products often come with support where as open source, not so much. Darik’s boot and nuke is Free Software one can use to boot and nuke your HDD (hard drive).

But with so many open source and commercial software based solutions to erase your hard drive one might wonder what is the best and why?

If the drive letter of your USB device does not appear in Win Image drive list, then it is an unsupported media type.

In particular, most USB IDE bridge implementations are unrecognized, which means that a 2.5 inch hard disk in an external USB enclosure is incompatible.

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