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We are working with University administrators to make the non-discrimination code more inclusive and currently feel encouraged that this change is in process. If you have any trouble, the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) is also trained in BGLT issues and is just a phone-call away at (617)495-1212 or 5-1212 from a blue safety phone. We have less experience with them and recommend calling HUPD if you are on or close to the Harvard Campus.QSA believes HUPD is the best place to call for protection of your immediate safety.The university has promised to work on housing on a case-by-case basis for each student.

He is currently researching and learning a lot about hormone therapy and is ready to incorporate it into his practice.Bathrooms Both Cambridge and Boston have ordinances which require all businesses to allow people to use the restrooms in accordance with their gender identity (see the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coaltion website for more details).Harvard is sometimes interpreted as a business and sometimes as an educational institution so it is not entirely clear that these rules apply.Housing for first-years in many situations can also be arranged in a variety of ways through any of these sources.Unfortunately, some first-years may have to choose between living in singles and living with their assigned gender, depending or their surgical or passing status.

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