Parental consent form for dating

The bill would delete existing separate fingerprinting requirements applicable to THP-Plus Foster Care providers, making those providers subject to the background check information generally applicable to community care facilities.Existing law requires the Judicial Council to establish a court-appointed special advocate (CASA) program, pursuant to which volunteer CASAs provide designated services and support to children under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

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Existing law excludes THP-Plus Foster Care from the definition of a community care facility.

Existing law provides for tribal customary adoption as one placement option for Indian children in dependency proceedings.

Additionally, existing law prohibits a dependency court from holding a hearing to terminate parental rights for a nonminor dependent.

This bill would include THP-Plus Foster Care within the definition of a community care facility for purposes of the Community Care Facilities Act.

By expanding application of the act, this bill would expand the scope of an existing crime, thus imposing a state-mandated local program.

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