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Even fewer actually take measured data from sensors, and even fewer than that use sensors that are integrated with the Smartphone. It fits onto the back of a Smartphone and records an ECG signal between the two hands.It is a regulated medical device, approved by FDA in the US and with a CE mark in Europe.Within around 30 seconds, the blood pressure is found.By making it a game, at home and not at the doctor’s office, it avoids the notorious “white coat syndrome” that causes artificially high readings.They are regulated medical products that have massive implications for our health and a qualitative impact on the management of health services.

There are more than 100,000 e Health apps for IOS and Androidii but only 1.6% of those apps are concerned with diagnosis.But it still costs , which means that you only have one if you positively decide to buy it, not just because it’s there.The next step is to incorporate the sensor into the Smartphone, just as the camera and GPS receiver are incorporated, so that the consumer does not have to make a separate purchase and the sensor is always with you.And it can measure much more than just systolic and diastolic blood pressure.For example, it finds the stiffness of the artery, another valuable diagnostic.

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