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click - Sarah Anne Duke (Humphrys) (1857-1941) and John Allen Duke click - Jesse2 Humphrys (1861-1934) and Emily (Duke) Humphrys click - Flower Humphrys (1863-1944) and Mary (Rogers) Humphrys. click - Hassage Manor Country Life Article (1920s) click (9) James and Hannah Flower 1835 1891.. click (12) William Thorn Humphrys (Jesse1's brother) - Life in Somerset and Australia.. click - William Mark and Frances Zincroft (Jones) Humphrys.James Logan was one of the earlier pastoralists that had leased the land at 10/- a square mile, and consequently the area has Logans Hut, Logan Flat, Logans Farm, Logans Creek and Logans Gap in the area.The 1860 Almanac had the Humphrys and Flower farms at Logans Flat.

Jesse was left with a young family of 6 children ranging from 3 to 18 years of age.

The eldest daughter Isabella however, had married a local farm lad, Jesse Humphrys from nearby Wellow before they had left for Australia, so Jesse came along as part of the family.

After 5 years working with farmers, such as Mr J Johnson (Reedbeds), and Mr Brown (Buckland Park/Pt Gawler), they moved to, and purchased land at Stony Gap, 9 miles south of Burra.

They had 3 children, Clement, Clarence and Minetta.

In 1915 the Burra papers herald social events at Maythorn but within 4 years, the family is devastated by the death of Clarence, and later, the death of Elijah Thorn Humphrys, coincidently, both of wound infections. Thomas and Mary Smith, 21 year olds from Cornwall, emigrated from Cornwall, England in 1853.

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